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Pick-me-ups     Their story
A little army of feel good people. We can always use a smile or more kindness in this world.This is the "WHY" for Pick-Me-Ups. The why they are here and why they can touch your life. Enjoy!

Seattle "I CAN DO IT" conference is just around the corner. Esther will be there with some of the top motivational Pick-Me-Ups at Booth 201. Stop by and see these amazing hand made sculptures. Each one is a visual AFFIRMATION for your personal altar, desk or a great gift to inspire a family member or friend. 

 There are many Pick-Me-Ups in stock and ready to ship. If you need a custom PMU just place your order as soon as possible by emailing Esther at estherbenedict160@gmail.com
These little 7 inch tall metal figurines are so expressive and endearing that they have a magical presence to all who see them.  With Pick Me Ups, you give a gift that lifts and inspires with a unique art piece that out-lasts cards, flowers, or candy. 
What are Pick-Me-Ups?
Handmade sculptured figurative pieces
Gifts that motivate and inspire
Visual Affirmations!
What if there was a product that, just by giving it to another person, changed someone's day, made a difference in another's life or even your life?
What if this product lasted a lifetime?

There are here.....They are.....

Contact us :   www.pick-me-ups.com                                                               estherbenedict160@gmail.com                                                                                           PHONE: 830.535.6888  

Each piece is unique and individually hand-sculpted. 

It is a calling for me to create and make these small sculptures.  I feel Pick-Me-Ups are my little feel-good army of figures and characters (that with your help) will spread out across the land and bring smiles, happiness, motivation and love to others. Each Pick-Me-Up has been brought to life by my experiences, music, scripture  or inspired by others through their stories and life experiences.
 Each piece is hand-made by me.  Please make a selection of stock items you find under the different categories, or, I do take custom orders, so check out on the Custom Pieces and Ordering page menu to learn just how to go about ordering a custom piece that fits your needs.
  Esther  Benedict

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